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How to have an affair with a married woman.

Cheating WivesDating a married woman is a totally different thing as compared to dating a single woman. There are a lot of drawbacks that come with dating such a person - not being seen together in public, not being able to take her out and having to run around plus many other challenges. This make it an uphill task such that many of search relationships often fail before they even start. However, there are a few things you need to know when you are interested in picking up, seducing and eventually dating a married woman. 

First things first, you need to understand that married women are in dire need of affection, attention and sexual needs that are not met by their husbands. This makes them resort to having affairs outside their marriage. In that regard, you must be able to satisfy most if not all of her heart desires. 

You need to start slow if you are aiming of having a successful affair with a married woman. It is a common understanding that getting attracted to a married woman can be exhilarating, and there is a sudden rush to have sexual affairs with her. However, you need to tread carefully and win her trust first. 

Most married women who have affairs often do so because of so many reasons. The leading reason, however, is neglect. They often feel forgotten by their husbands which makes them vulnerable to men who approach them. So, date often and take the time to romance her because this is definitely what she is missing in her marriage. It will make her feel happy if she knows you appreciate her. 

Most neglected women need a shoulder to lean on; somebody who will be there when she feels down. Talk to her and recognize her needs. Act as if she is the only person in your life and that her concerns matter to you. This way, she will feel appreciated, loved and cared for - basic things she miss in her marriage. 

In order to have a successful affair with a married women, do not expect anything in return. She is married and committed to her husband, and it is him that she can show love to. However good you may be to her, she can’t substitute you with her husband. If by any bad chance the husband learns about the affair, then chances are that she won’t see you again. 

You must be as discreet as possible in order to sustain a relationship involving a married woman. Do not go about telling all your friends how hot your married woman is. As they say, word gets around and sooner or later, you may find that the tides have turned against you. 

A married woman would not want to hear about how many women are in your life or any form of adventure you may be having. Simply because she doesn’t want any form of commitment from you doesn’t mean that you should tell her about your sexual life. Besides that, you need to ease her mind to stop her from feeling guilty. Above all, you need to give her all the attention she needs in bed putting her feelings first.